Monday, October 17, 2011


SO I'm having a sale (in case you didn't notice the title...) and everything's on sale! 24% off (at least) on however there are some glitches.  The webpage won't let me adjust the options on the sales.  So, the following items, if you choose anything that subtracts from the price, please e-mail me your order instead of using the webpage. Otherwise I will be refunding your money and sending you a message about your order with the new cost.
  • Kypress BABY Layette set
  • "Swirl set" is the entire set; "Kypress" has not been adjusted and is listed at the original prices with the differences for buying them not as a set.
  • Animal hats--anything smaller than "Adult" needs to be messaged.  Again, the differences in cost of sizes won't adjust according to the sale.
For this sale, I will accept Money Order as well as my normal Paypal method.
And for super unique orders (or any questions) e-mail me at kypressdesigns [at] gmail [dot] com.  I hope y'all take advantage of this sale; I'll probably have it going on for a while. But prices will still be adjusted to higher prices after the first of the year--that whole cost of materials and being told I'm under-pricing my labor (by the husband).

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