Friday, May 11, 2012

I apologize a lot, don't I?

Well, my last post was in January.  If you "like" the fan page on facebook, then you know I'm still around!  And I've been posting things about the pregnancy there.  Speaking of, Wren Alexander was born April 30th at 1:44am EST. He weighed 8lbs 12.9oz and was 20 3/4 inches long.  (I won't post my labor and delivery story, don't worry. That's for the mommy blog!)  Moira is super excited about her baby brother but hates it when he cries.. Which is when mommy isn't holding him, during diaper changes, or if there isn't a boob or bottle in his mouth.  She loves to pet him, too, for some reason. "Because he's so cuuuuuuuute," she squeels.

The hat he's wearing and the blanket he's on? I made those!
His newborn photos were taken by April of Trio Photography and Design.  She was absolutely WONDERFUL with the kids--it helps that she has a thirteen year old boy and a two year old girl as well.

She also photographs my pieces for me when I can get them to her! Otherwise, it's my digital camera or cell phone....  Here's her facebook page

The four of us

I have a destash sale album posted on the fan page right now. I need to post them on the webpage instead of breaking facebook rules and selling them there.  I will work on listing those tomorrow. Hopefully.  OBVIOUSLY I have a wonderful track record for "plans".  And this little boy loves to be cuddled and held all the time. Preferably with a boob or bottle in his mouth.

I will be participating in a fundraiser in July at Sunflowers 4 Jeni. I don't remember what I am sending off of the top of my head right now. The pieces are set aside, I know that much! They're labeled so I don't try to sell them or gift them to anyone else.

Also, there's new products on both webstores! and  I post promocodes for the storenvy store often.  I'm still trying to decide which store I like better.  There are pros and cons to both and I'm not quite tech-savvy enough to do much more on either than I do already.  I will be breaking down and closing one of them (and of course, using the custom url) but I just need to figure out which way to go.

I did find a few of my patterns.  I have created pdf files of them and they are posted on both websites I believe.  I finally started making the mini top hats using the pattern I received from Monkey Shine Designs.  LOVE THEM.  However, when I came home from the hospital, I picked up my hook and started working up another but couldn't remember the pattern anymore.  I actually like the new way I'm doing them. They are smaller a bit but they stay in form better.  I haven't tried attaching roses or flowers yet... The attachments are going to end up being almost as big as the hat!  I'll figure out a middle ground eventually.

Alrighty... Now that it's the day AFTER I started writing this post, I think I need to quit typing and either sleep since the baby is sleeping for a bit or get to crocheting while he isn't wanting to be held.  Sleep is looking like it's going to win, just a warning.  With how much this child loves being cuddled, making jewelry is going to be interesting!  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!  I check my e-mail daily (multiple times a day often) so you should receive a quick response!  I love doing custom orders, so don't hesitate to inquire about those either.  Good night everyone!  [And sorry about the huge gap between posts... and about all the links in this post!]