Monday, April 13, 2015

*knock knock* Anyone there?

I am such a horrible blogger... It's been almost a year since my last post here.
I've been posting here and there on facebook's fan page, but not so much here. I'm sorry!

It's been a bit crazy though. (Not exactly crazy enough to warrant being MIA for a year, but still.)
The Man and I are engaged (again) and we have a house.
It was supposed to be done in November, but due to some issues with building permits and the city we are in, building didn't start until after Thanksgiving. We signed January 30th after a long month and half away from each other--my children and I lived in a very small bedroom at my mom's and he stayed with his mom a VERY long way away.

However, now we are in this A-FREAKING-MAZING house that is almost perfect for us. We wanted more bedrooms (my office and his game room), but we are making due with what could afford. And  it's amazing. I love it here.

I'm working on getting some pieces hashed out and uploaded to the store.  I also need to get a new USB mouse and turn off the pad on my laptop.  This thing keeps jumping around my page and messing with my flow!

I am super excited for spring to be here! While this week isn't looking very promising, I am ready for the nice weather and sunshine and warmth.