Sunday, February 10, 2013

Apologies, again...

I am so, so sorry. Things have just been awful around here. One thing after another, things just keep blowing up in my face. I thought I'd been ready to get back to work taking orders, but I wasn't. I should be up to par now though. Here's to hoping... I don't remember if I posted about it, but my husband asked for a divorce back in September. There is a whole load of drama with that which would be extremely unprofessional for me to post about.  I moved in to my apartment a few days before Halloween. It was a one bedroom, but was okay.
We had issues over custody days, but that's finally been worked out. I moved again right before Christmas (the Friday before) into a two bedroom.  Things are FINALLY settling down around here. I have the kids on the weekends, I have work and school during the week.  I even started dating a really awesome guy! (He lives 700 miles away though...)

I have been able to work on some items, though. Here's some of them--the little girl is my daughter. She loves having her photo taken and as soon as she saw my camera, her eyes lit up!

FINALLY making something for ME!!! It's going to be a throw blanket to go with my pretty red couch..

For a friend's little girl that is on the way (because I made it too small for my one year old niece...)

Full of yarn!
If you have any questions on anything, e-mail me! You know where to find me... I do check the facebook page Kypress Designs regularly, even if I don't post often.  The kids and I were sick this weekend, so nothing much has been done besides vegging and cleaning (that really awesome guy is coming to town for V-day!!!) but I plan on getting back into full crafting mode pronto!