Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I've been waiting 9 minutes for Fbook to upload my inventory photos... What's really sad? While I was taking photos, I kept getting more ideas for pieces that I wanted to make for myself.... Which I don't have time to do.

The yarn? Yeah, I want to use the red, brown, green, and gold to make a fall colored throw for myself.  My daughter would end up stealing it if my best friend didn't first.  And the beads? I kept remembering why I bought each selection!  I've got a huge list of "when I get the time" projects.  I still need to get photos of my collections of WIPs (work in progress).... I might be a little ADD.  I didn't take photos of the baby yarns yet because I still have WIPs for each skein.  And I was going to go ahead and make some ready-to-ship baby pieces as well (and possibly put some up for our little one that is due to join us in April/May).

HEY!  It's finished uploading.  I'll go through and write a caption on the photos and get those ready for viewing now!

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