Saturday, April 26, 2014


Okay, if you would like to win a roses bracelet with your choice of colored beads, comment with your wrist size and color choice!
My birthday was April 24th and the 25th was my graduation ceremony. I want to do something special for the fans because I am in a good mood!
**The wire I use is permanently colored copper wire. **
so just comment below and I will post the winner on May 1.

**edit: may 3, 2014**
Well, only Wizardwu entered! That make it easy to draw the winner! Congrats!

I did it!

Last night was commencement. Even though I received my diploma in January, it didn't feel official until I walked across the stage last night. 

All you people that didn't think I could do it or made it to where I almost didn't, I DID!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Shop is OPEN

I posted on the Facebook page and in the first blogpost of today, but I didn't update the original blogpost or post a new one. 
The storenvy shop IS open!  I haven't posted new products except for the bears though. I am still taking orders and making customized pieces!

***p.s. There's a promos code JUST FOR Facebook fans too.... It pops up during check out. 

PawPaw's Bears

PawPaw's Bears is what we decided to name my stepdad's little hobby business. Currently, I'm selling them for him, but I have been trying to decide how to talk to him about opening his own shop am what not. 
The three bears I had posted are sold and I haven't been given anymore to replenish my stock yet. 
Using refurbished fabrics and hypoallergenic stuffing, PawPaw (what the grand kids all call my dad), makes super fluffy, amazing bears. They don't have eyes or nose attachments due to thee being issues with them coming undone or popping off and causing a choking hazard. 
My daughter has two (that have been left at my exhusband's house) and she is REALLY rough on her stuffed animals. They are just as fluffy as the day dad finished them 5 or so years ago. (I'll post photos of them at the bottom of the page.) 
If he uses clothes, a lot of times he will add the tag from them to the back of the bear so that there are washing instructions or fabric details. My daughter's pink striped bear came from a crib sheet. PawPaw has used pants and 3XL shirts before too.  Again, I'm hoping I will have more to post soon. I have seen his fabric stash. It's rather large. 
The bears are $30 each. I had them set at an introductory price of $20/$25 and there was a promo code on the website for fans that took half off of that as well. 
Add on the free shipping and these are a steal!!!

Update: April 13, 2014

I know I keep saying that I am going to blog and post regularly. I know I also keep failing to do so. Life has been hectic with my new job and my daughter getting into trouble in kindergarten. 
This has become more of a hobby for me than a business. This is mainly because I have not been getting much business or traffic. Of course, that is due to me not posting or creating new pieces. 
I am still working on things, as you can sometimes see from the Facebook page, and I have been posting PawPaw's Bears (blog post to follow).  Currently I am working on a baby blanket for a friend in Florida. I'm excited about it. (Progress picture at top of post.)
The store is still open and I am still making jewelry and crocheting, it just isn't really the livelihood anymore. It would be AMAZING to have business, that is my "mommy money" to splurge on more yarn and beads or things for just me. My paycheck from the job goes to bills, rent, and the children. 
I bought this yarn at The Starstruck Cat Studio in Greenwood, Indiana. It's some pretty awesome yarn. I really enjoy shopping there too. The yarns are all handmade and they have a decent supply of pattern books AND do have some vendors there. I noticed handmade beads made for yarn pieces and some beautiful shawl pins (which reminded me that I still haven't made mine).