Thursday, July 5, 2012

More photos + Discount!

April of Trio Photography and Design came to my place this morning to take photos of my kiddos in some of my and Babcia's Heart's pieces. (And I may have snuck in a few purses from Faithann's Gifts and More...)  I'm super excited about these pictures even though neither child cooperated very much (Wren was sleepy by the time we got to him--I should've had her do his part first) but Moira had fun and there were no temper tantrums. That's what matters!  I will be sure to post the photos when I get them.

And now for the important part. DISCOUNT! (Imagine I said that like "Flo" from the Progressive commercial...) I kind of missed posted a sale for Independence Day. I'd like to offer a 25% discount on all custom orders payed before July 15th, excluding orders that have a higher discount on them. E-mail me at or message me on facebook to place your order and talk about what you want.  Once I get the promo code for storenvy made and get the items on the webstore marked down, I will post about that.  However, you know how my track record is--I probably won't get around to it, turthfully. It would be safer to e-mail me!

Now, go enjoy you heat wave, take a dip in the pool, eat that ice cream before it melts all over ya, and try to stay cool!  I'm going to sit here by the air conditioning and try to work on some jewelry before the baby wakes back up....