Sunday, November 6, 2011

Last Chance

I already posted on the facebook fanpage, but I wanted to post a blog as well.

I have thought long and hard about the holidays coming up, the stressful events of finding a last minute gift for family members if I don't have time to create one, and THAT made the decision for me.  NOVEMBER 20th is the last day I will accept custom orders.  I will figure out something with the stores--basically, I'll have to put the items on hiatus or "hide them".  I will put up ready-to-ship items throughout December until the new year, but NO custom orders.

Work at the restaurant has been super stressful lately, and that is taking a toll on this pregnancy.  Add in being mom to a three year old red head (YES, the myth is true about redheads) and wife to a gamer, and I have no energy.  I'm in the second trimester! What happened to the promised energy?!

I apologize for any inconveniences... Keep in mind, though, if you e-mail me and plead enough, I will probably cave and do a custom order for you.   I hope everyone is safe and healthy!

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