Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St Patrick's Day!

(I've got to give you some background story before the holiday post.)

Today has not gone according to plan at all.  This whole week has been one disaster after another, actually.  I recently started substitute teaching through a temp agency; however, most of the schools near me (the school district my children go to) is through a different branch than who I'm employed through. We're still trying to get it worked out for me to be able to accept assignments from the other branch as well.  It's a mess.  That goes into the first issue from this week (well, second; first was a HUGE issue at school with my daughter, but that's another story)--my assignment on Tuesday was on the other side of the county north of me. Not too big of a deal, except that my van died on the way home.  The Man came to rescue me, put a couple quarts of oil in, and follow me to the car shop near home--I leaked all the way home.  The van that we paid $1,800 or so for was going to cost $1,500 to repair--and the vehicle isn't even worth THAT much.  So then I had to drop the assignments for the rest of the week due to not having transportation--again, they were all way out of the way for me to be able to get to and we have no public transport down here.  Or safe bike paths, for that matter.  Heck, we hardly have sidewalks anywhere.
There was some huge drama at my exhusband's house yesterday, so the kids came home early.  Again, not a big deal, and most of the time I'm extremely happy to take them early.  However, we were going to be heading south to my mother in law's house to pick up a vehicle from her and I wasn't planning on getting the kids until afterwards due to allergen issues.  I also had an order on Etsy on Monday that I was trying to get done before the kids came home--which didn't happen. (It's kind of hard to explain why mommy is crocheting a giant penis.)  But, we've got to do what's best for the kids. (I'll have it finished and shipped by Monday; just not as fast as I'd planned.)
AND I FORGOT ABOUT ST PATRICK'S DAY!!!! I still haven't crocheted my green top hats like I'd planned. I was going to have a huge influx of holiday listings and that didn't happen.  Due to the vehicle situation, I am also missing my favorite Irish drinking band tonight.  Hogeye Navvy plays St Patrick's Day as well as every Saturday up at The Aristocrat in Irvington, Indiana.  So, I'm a bit upset about that too.  My favorite songs of theirs are "Being a Pirate" and "Old Dun Cow"; I listed them below in that order.  You HAVE to see them live--order a pretzel and beer cheese and apples with a Guiness or grog and enjoy.

Being a Pirate

Old Dun Cow

Friday, March 3, 2017

(Late) WELCOME TO 2017!

As some of you have figured out, my health and family situation is very hectic.  I know last year I promised weekly posts, and that didn't happen.  It seems like one thing after another just throws my plans to the ground.

I've added some new listings and did away with Storenvy. I am now solely on Etsy, although we're having some issues there. I tried to search a particular listing of mine and it wasn't anywhere on the ONE PAGE of items.   I think your best bet for my pieces is to just go to the store.

Speaking of etsy, there's a new coupon code you'll get emailed to you after your checkout. So keep an eye on that.

I thank all of you for sticking around all of these years with all of my family and health drama.  Thank you for being there and supporting me.  I love you all!

What else..?

Oh! I also have started picking up more custom orders.
HOWEVER, your best bet on them is to actually have me make a listing.  If you message me through my personal profile, especially if you're family, I will probably forget and push you back on the list behind people that have prepaid.  I'm sorry if this happens!  Most of the time I have to buy your materials and I can't do that without payment first if it's a custom piece.  Thank you for understanding.

My family has had some major scares this year already (on top of everything last year).  Things are currently looking up, although we are very skeptical on a few cases.  My health has been getting better in some aspects and then in others we are finally getting answers, moving forward with treatments.  Through all of that, I am going to be substitute teaching here on the southside of Indiana.  It's kind of exciting, getting back into the work force--not that THIS isn't work in itself: two custom scarves, baby blanket upon baby blanket, a king sized blanket...

I have also noticed that my crafting goes in spurts. I will crochet for months on end and ignore my jewelry and then work with the wire for a while and ignore my hooks.  But I will always complete an order for the opposite material while I'm "on a roll".

I think that's good enough for right now.  Wish me luck! I've got a lot of friends popping out babies again. I don't think baby season is ever really over...

Saturday, March 19, 2016

What's New for 2016!

Hi everyone! (Or, well, all three of you.)  Thanks for sticking around even though I forget to post.  I can't remember the password, so I can't post from my phone and I'm rarely on the computer.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful year so far.  I'm glad that spring is almost here for sure.  However, we have some snow coming this week apparently.  I'm not looking forward to that. I really want to wear my flip flops--which I will anyways.

So, here's some updates!  I'm on Etsy now! (follow my shop here) I'm still working on updating photos of some pieces, so bear with me please! You can still shop at storenvy but I know a lot of people are switching to Etsy and I may as well jump on that band wagon as well.

I am still on facebook and I post there a lot. I hope you are still following my page and interacting there!  (Thanks for sticking around with all of my hospitalizations, too.  Those drug induced posts can be annoying, I know.)  I'm working on getting pieces worked up to keep in stock and ready to ship. I post when I finish them and I'm posting them on instagram as well!  (My username is Kypressofbloo, not Kypress Designs. I wasn't going to do the business on instagram but changed my mind. I use the #kypressdesigns on my work posts though!)

I'm getting married at the end of the year and I'm still trying to get disability approved since I'm having issues keeping a full time (or part time) job out of the house and somehow I have followers but no customers. (Which IS fine; not trying to get pity orders!)  This has been an ongoing issue and it's kind of ridiculous. But I know Indiana is an awful state for trying to get disability approved--even for cases more obvious than mine!  I have a lawyer though. So, we'll see how much longer this takes. (I've already been denied a few times and we're going on a year since I initially applied this time around.)

While I have you here, if you aren't following on facebook or instagram yet, here's a few of the pieces I've crocheted recently that are ready to ship out!

Wintery circular scarf, "Teal", $20

Light weight circular scarf, "Peacock", $10

Wintery circular scarves, "Winter Stripes", $20 each
These are all from the same color scheme.
I love variegated yarns!
Wintery circular scarf, "Tartan Stripes", $20
All three of these are from the same skein of yarn even though they look completely different
wintery circular scarf, "Spring Stripes", $20
Another variegated yarn.  I really do love how different these turn out!
light weight circular scarf, "Purple and Green", $10
Help! She needs a new name. I don't like the color name of the yarn. It's called "Echo".
So what should I name her for the shop?
And don't forget that my jewelry is still available as well!  You can also ask to see what is in my stash for custom work.
Kypress Swirls bracelet and earrings, shown in blue
Kypress Swirls set, shown in copper
a lovely red piece I did previously.  I hope to find these beads again to make another

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kypress Medical Update 07/21/15

I am back at the hospital as an inpatient and not due to surgery. The Crohn's Disease has reared it's ugly head and I have been fighting immobilizing pain and nausea since Sunday evening. The pain meds and zofran at home are not helping. 
So I am hooked up to an IV and getting Morphing and Zofran intravenously.  I'm here at least over night, but I am afraid I will be here for a week again. 
I have a procedure scheduled a few counties over next Tuesday morning for the Crohn's (not surgery; that is August 12th), so I have to be free then. If I'm not, maybe they can send me via ambulance to and from? I wonder if they could....

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day and I hope everyone is able to spend time with their mom and show her some love. Or, if you are the mom, I hope the children show you the love that you so wonderfully deserve.

To the motherless or childless, know that they are still with you and love you.  Do not grieve but enjoy the day and do things that you think they would have enjoyed.