Saturday, March 19, 2016

What's New for 2016!

Hi everyone! (Or, well, all three of you.)  Thanks for sticking around even though I forget to post.  I can't remember the password, so I can't post from my phone and I'm rarely on the computer.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful year so far.  I'm glad that spring is almost here for sure.  However, we have some snow coming this week apparently.  I'm not looking forward to that. I really want to wear my flip flops--which I will anyways.

So, here's some updates!  I'm on Etsy now! (follow my shop here) I'm still working on updating photos of some pieces, so bear with me please! You can still shop at storenvy but I know a lot of people are switching to Etsy and I may as well jump on that band wagon as well.

I am still on facebook and I post there a lot. I hope you are still following my page and interacting there!  (Thanks for sticking around with all of my hospitalizations, too.  Those drug induced posts can be annoying, I know.)  I'm working on getting pieces worked up to keep in stock and ready to ship. I post when I finish them and I'm posting them on instagram as well!  (My username is Kypressofbloo, not Kypress Designs. I wasn't going to do the business on instagram but changed my mind. I use the #kypressdesigns on my work posts though!)

I'm getting married at the end of the year and I'm still trying to get disability approved since I'm having issues keeping a full time (or part time) job out of the house and somehow I have followers but no customers. (Which IS fine; not trying to get pity orders!)  This has been an ongoing issue and it's kind of ridiculous. But I know Indiana is an awful state for trying to get disability approved--even for cases more obvious than mine!  I have a lawyer though. So, we'll see how much longer this takes. (I've already been denied a few times and we're going on a year since I initially applied this time around.)

While I have you here, if you aren't following on facebook or instagram yet, here's a few of the pieces I've crocheted recently that are ready to ship out!

Wintery circular scarf, "Teal", $20

Light weight circular scarf, "Peacock", $10

Wintery circular scarves, "Winter Stripes", $20 each
These are all from the same color scheme.
I love variegated yarns!
Wintery circular scarf, "Tartan Stripes", $20
All three of these are from the same skein of yarn even though they look completely different
wintery circular scarf, "Spring Stripes", $20
Another variegated yarn.  I really do love how different these turn out!
light weight circular scarf, "Purple and Green", $10
Help! She needs a new name. I don't like the color name of the yarn. It's called "Echo".
So what should I name her for the shop?
And don't forget that my jewelry is still available as well!  You can also ask to see what is in my stash for custom work.
Kypress Swirls bracelet and earrings, shown in blue
Kypress Swirls set, shown in copper
a lovely red piece I did previously.  I hope to find these beads again to make another