Saturday, May 7, 2011

Formal Collection Contest + DISCOUNT

Alrighty, so, my beautiful and crafty friends over at BreezyBug Boutique (links: facebook pageetsy storeblog/webpage) are having a Formal Collection Contest.  We sent them photos of ourselves in our formal wear and all done up for weddings and proms and they created a contest:  The winner gets $10 shop credit AND their formal line will be named after the winner!  So, here's a link to my photo!
I'm giving 15% discount to everyone who votes for me (and, yes, this may be applied to other discounts).  This stands even if I don't win.  I'll do print screen/screen shots after the contest is over so that I have proof of voting.  Thank you in advance!
I hope everyone has a spectacular Mother's Day!  I'm sick, so I'll be spending my time in bed I believe.  Or not doing anything.  My little Monkey doesn't understand holidays much yet (except Easter, Christmas, and birthdays), so I don't think I'll be getting anything special, which I'm perfectly alright with!
It's 11:50pm now, so I'm going to publish this post and head to bed!  Good night!

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