Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just a quick note :)

Hi everyone!
I've started to have a few incidents, so I wanted to let you know:  If you e-mail me, I will respond via e-mail.  If you post on the wall, I will respond by commenting on that post and/or messaging you depending on the situation.  If you post a comment on the blog, I will respond here (unless it's for a giveaway--until I figure out how to make blogger let me comment on each individual comment instead of just posting another, I won't be commenting on those posts).

I am not a fan of receiving the same message twenty different ways and times (okay, twenty is an exaggeration), so I don't want to do it to you.  Please, let me know if you all would prefer that I do though.  I can, I just don't want to annoy or irritate you or make you angry.
I need to get back to work and I've a bridal shower to attend to later, but I'll be logging on later this evening to check for posts.

One last thing:  I am listed on the page as the Page Owner and Admin I believe, so feel free to send a message to me personally if you need to.

Thank you for your feedback!

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