Friday, May 13, 2011

Please forgive me

To all of my fans that are waiting for giveaway items, please forgive for taking so long.  And those that are still waiting on orders, I apologize as well.  Life has been so crazy the past many weeks.

I am catching up, somewhat.  I also have about 6 or so models through Sweet Grace Models that I feel absolutely horrible for not having their items to them.  And they are all models that haven't been booked before!  I feel absolutely horrible about this.  Most of them are small children, so what I do for them is crochet--and there is a lot of crocheting going on.  The mamas are getting jewelry, but with my work schedule (we needed me to get a job outside of the home, if only for a short amount of time--I have a feeling it will be longer--to help with much needed income due to business being slow) my crafting time has been cut drastically!  Being a working, crafting Mommy and Wife his hectic!  I promise, you WILL get your products, just not as quickly as I would LOVE to get them to you--my first and most important job is Mommy and Wife.
Please, do not let this prevent you from ordering from me.  I LOVE crafting and I love the pieces as much as you do.  Most of my fans are mommies as well, so I know you understand.  I'm also fighting a chronic illness on top of everything else.
Thank you for your patience and for understanding and for still loving my work.  I am very proud of it and it all does take quite a bit of time and effort--that could/should be going to sleep.
I am still trying to get the paypal and etsy up.  Once those are working, this will all be a lot easier, but until then, I still need payments mailed to me.  I'm as frustrated about it as you are, trust me.  The whole not being able to drive (due to illness and being too terrified of other drivers) is a bit of a hassle as well.

Alright, enough of my unprofessionalness... Back to crafting I go!

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