Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I am allowing myself to take orders again!  Last night I gave my friend all of the items that I made for the auction.  I'm keeping them in my prayers.  I also am awaiting a message with the pictures of what I gave them--silly me forgot to take photos of my own pieces!!!!  But, as soon as I have the photos, I will add them to this post.

As for my niece, she sort of passed her swallow study.  She's to get NOTHING BUT baby food and thick liquids.  If she doesn't "eat" enough to satisfy the doctors, she doesn't get to come home on Thursday and she'll have to have a Gtube put in.  Her first birthday is in a month, so any and all prayers are welcome and appreciated.

This is my latest creation, and I plan on keeping it for myself.  It's a shawl, created with a GIANT crochet hook--I honestly have no idea what size it is.  It's massive.  I used LionBrand Homespun yarn in Edwardian, two skeins.  It is absolutely delightful.  My mother-in-law is thinking about having me do one in white for her for this summer.
The Homespun yarn... The skeins say to use size K hooks.  I don't like it that size.  The piece turns out very stifff and the softness all but disappears.  If I'm using yarn like that (supposed to be soft but after you work it, it's not so much), I almost always use a bigger hook. Unless it NEEDS to be stiff--example would be a purse or an attachment for something.
Really, I'm just a fan of soft yarns.  If I don't like the feel of the yarn, I don't use it.  Or, if I DO use it, I'm very annoyed the entire project.... I'm silly, yes, I know.

Well, I should probably get off of here now.  I promise that as soon as I get the photos of those pieces, I will upload them for you.  The chili cook off and auction is THIS Friday, so if you want to go let me know and I will get you the information for it.

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