Wednesday, January 5, 2011

taking a break for some important matters

I am putting most of my orders on hold for a bit while I work on something important.  On January 14th, there's going to be a Chili cook-off competition, bake sale and silent auctions to help raise money for this little boy named Elias.  He's just about two years old and has cancer.  His mommy is his caretaker and is pregnant with his little sister.  He's going through chemo, so she can't hug him and hold him like she wants/needs to.

His type of cancer IS cure-able and he WILL get better, but it's getting through this that is so hard on them and so, VERY costly.  But I'm working on some pieces to donate to the silent auction.  I've got a pretty teal shawl and some jewelry.  I'll take pictures and, if I remember to, I will upload them.

Also, my niece is still in the hospital, however, we DO have a coming home date.  Or we did until tonight.  She's been having mini seizures (staring off and being unresponsive), which might just mean they need to switch her seizure medicines.  They're doing a urine test tonight, putting in a new art line in the morning so that they can run more tests.
My sister is doing so well with all of this.  She's such a strong woman and she doesn't even realize it.  She's made it through all this and is still being the mommy she needs to be to that beautiful little girl.

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