Friday, March 25, 2011


So, I went looking through my posts and realized that my post about the amazing Papa Roux is missing!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!   I will just have to rewrite it.

If you're in Indiana for any reason at all, you are required to go to 10th Street and Post Road where you will come across Papa Roux.  Papa Roux is an AMAZING, authentic (they ARE from New Orleans) Cajun food.  Seriously.  I've got a friend who's from N'awlins and when she eats there, it's HOME to her.
(and Don Stuck of X103 loves their food as well; just saying)

Here's the link to their site:   

OH, also:  unlimited sides when you dine in AND free iced tea?????  C'mon, people!  Log off the 'net and get over there!!!!!  (I go for the chicken po-boy and my sides are almost always the Étouffée (had to copy/paste because I don't know the short cuts for the accents yet) and bread pudding (DELICOUSNESS!!!!), and Monkey always gets the Kid's Hot Dog (sausage on french bread; no milk 'cause she's allergic) with apple sauce and french bread as sides.
ALSO you can get your food gluten free!!!!

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