Saturday, January 29, 2011

We're all sick, so I should be asleep, however....

Yep.  We're all sick here.  But I'm still crocheting away ( no worries: pieces will be washed before sent)... Well, technically, I'm sitting in bed blogging right now, but I will get back to crocheting shortly.

I was looking through other blogs and came across some posts... As much as I WANT to keep this blog strictly for Kypress Designs, I want to bring some more of "me" in... So, in the about page (or maybe I'll add a new page), I'm going to add some photos from my wedding, links to the girl that did my dress and the photographer, and a little bit of awesomeness.

I probably won't do that tonight.  I want to.  I've just got a two year old in my bed that isn't feel great and is making some weird noises from her stomach and nether regions (aka diaper)....

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