Monday, December 13, 2010

13 December 2010

Wow.  It's already the 13th.  And the day is almost over!  This is a wee bit sad.  Frustrating.

I've gotten a lot done, really, I have.  However, I still have SO MUCH MORE to do!  Every year.  This happens every year.  I forget exactly how many presents we have to buy or I have to make.  Every year, I procrastinate.  I'll start in January, planning out what I want to do (if I've even finished the presents from the previous year).  Every year, December 1st comes around and I've not gotten anything done.
When will I learn?!
And this year I've been at work on orders (which I am GRATEFUL for, please don't think that I'm complaining about money that goes towards food or supplies) or I've been praying for family and friends that are in and out of the hospital.  Or I'm in and out of the hospital--and, trust me, you don't want me "working" while on morphine. Or codeine. Or any of the "good stuff".

Y'know what, I shouldn't be on here either.  Well, I'll be getting back to work now!
Happy Holidays and may my and your deities bless you this coming year.  Drive safely!

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