Monday, October 25, 2010

61 DAYS!!!!!!

Yes.  Christmas is 61 days away!!!
Some people have even LESS time to get presents ready due to early parties.  Oh goodness... I am so very far behind, but I almost always am.  To tell you the truth, most years people get an IOU because I hadn't finished their present and we didn't have the money to buy something.
This year I am making hats and scarves for some people, baby blankets, a blanket, a few wristlets, toy bags, journals, necklaces, crochet animals, and at least one sewn purse with this awesome fabric I bought four years ago.

Almost all of the items are from my own imagination, however, there are a few things I am doing by following someone else's pattern or instructions.  Here are a few links to some awesome people that inspire me!  (This is a really awesome chic, right here!!!!! You should definitely check her out; ways to save money without even trying!  She inspires me a ton and is very sweet.) (This woman's blog kicks me in the butt when I get in a funk and "don't feel like crafting".)  (one of my all-time favorite photographers!)

You know, I have noticed that a lot of bloggers have started doing this "photo-a-day" project... I think I might as well.  I thought about it before I noticed anyone else doing it, but that doesn't matter since I'm so late in joining the bandwagon--or however that saying goes.  That just requires me to actually stay on track.  And post things every day.

Well, it's after midnight now and I need to hit the sack!  Enjoy those links!  Abuse your internet...

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