Friday, March 3, 2017

(Late) WELCOME TO 2017!

As some of you have figured out, my health and family situation is very hectic.  I know last year I promised weekly posts, and that didn't happen.  It seems like one thing after another just throws my plans to the ground.

I've added some new listings and did away with Storenvy. I am now solely on Etsy, although we're having some issues there. I tried to search a particular listing of mine and it wasn't anywhere on the ONE PAGE of items.   I think your best bet for my pieces is to just go to the store.

Speaking of etsy, there's a new coupon code you'll get emailed to you after your checkout. So keep an eye on that.

I thank all of you for sticking around all of these years with all of my family and health drama.  Thank you for being there and supporting me.  I love you all!

What else..?

Oh! I also have started picking up more custom orders.
HOWEVER, your best bet on them is to actually have me make a listing.  If you message me through my personal profile, especially if you're family, I will probably forget and push you back on the list behind people that have prepaid.  I'm sorry if this happens!  Most of the time I have to buy your materials and I can't do that without payment first if it's a custom piece.  Thank you for understanding.

My family has had some major scares this year already (on top of everything last year).  Things are currently looking up, although we are very skeptical on a few cases.  My health has been getting better in some aspects and then in others we are finally getting answers, moving forward with treatments.  Through all of that, I am going to be substitute teaching here on the southside of Indiana.  It's kind of exciting, getting back into the work force--not that THIS isn't work in itself: two custom scarves, baby blanket upon baby blanket, a king sized blanket...

I have also noticed that my crafting goes in spurts. I will crochet for months on end and ignore my jewelry and then work with the wire for a while and ignore my hooks.  But I will always complete an order for the opposite material while I'm "on a roll".

I think that's good enough for right now.  Wish me luck! I've got a lot of friends popping out babies again. I don't think baby season is ever really over...


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