Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kypress Medical Update 07/21/15

I am back at the hospital as an inpatient and not due to surgery. The Crohn's Disease has reared it's ugly head and I have been fighting immobilizing pain and nausea since Sunday evening. The pain meds and zofran at home are not helping. 
So I am hooked up to an IV and getting Morphing and Zofran intravenously.  I'm here at least over night, but I am afraid I will be here for a week again. 
I have a procedure scheduled a few counties over next Tuesday morning for the Crohn's (not surgery; that is August 12th), so I have to be free then. If I'm not, maybe they can send me via ambulance to and from? I wonder if they could....


  1. I'm a Student at the Medical faculty so I frequently face with such stories so for me there is no secret that sometimes people feel emotional pressure after serious harm. Im studying quiet intensively so now Im learning how to write a creative brief ( sometimes I use writing service) just to make everything in right way.

    1. I am JUST seeing your post, Jerry! I am so sorry that I missed it. What are you in school for? I did go to med school for medical billing and coding. That didn't work at so well after graduation because of how bad my health has been the past few years.


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