Monday, August 6, 2012


There's a sale going on at and if you use the promocode "august50" at you'll get 50% off items there as well!

And I think that the named url is only going to be open til the end of August. I believe I will be shutting it down then, if not sooner.  The storenvy shop will still be open and I'll still accept custom orders via e-mail or message on the fan page!

Of course, I seriously doubt that anyone is even reading this post.  I don't know if anyone except for a select handful of people have even seen ANY of my posts lately.

Well, it's 3am and my daughter will be up in 3 very short hours if not sooner (sun rises around 6am and she's up when it starts showing). Wish me luck! And go check out the new products I'd been listing!!!!

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