Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I am going to be creating the wedding jewelry for a friend's wedding that I am a bridesmaid for!
This makes me extremely excited.  She had given me permission to do my own jewelry and when I showed her "Trinity" and told her what I was planning on doing to the new piece, she asked if I would do EVERYONE's jewelry, including hers!  I'm stoked!  I will post photos as I progress... :)  The dresses are from David's Bridal, with the colors being Malibu Blue and Key Lime--two VERY difficult colors to match if you actually go buy the swatches or actually look at the dresses in the store in those two colors.

I still have a lot of work going on, but I wanted to post THAT update.  I am almost finished with the brown blanket I posted about a few months ago.  Only about 5 more rounds of the brown and then I'll do about 6 rounds total of the stripe pattern I had decided on.  I showed my friend so that I could visibly see how much longer it needed to be (she's 5'8", I'm 5'2").  If I said that she's excited and loves it so far, I would be making an understatement.

I'm also working on this year's Christmas presents as well as trying to work up some things to post for immediate sell and/or to take to craft fairs.

New Products I am Working on:
  • notebooks
  • laptop bags
  • tote bags
  • infant shawls, blankets, and booties
  • Toddler sweaters (specifically, one for my daughter for her Easter dress)
  • women's tunic tops
  • wedding jewelry
  • Fun, everyday jewelry
  • Holiday jewelry (Halloween, Christmas, St Patrick's Day)
  • lap throws (wedding gifts, commissions, and ones to sell pre-made)
  • hat and scarf sets

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