Sunday, February 6, 2011

Almost healthy...

Today is the third consecutive day that I have NOT had a fever.  My cough is still horrid and my throat hurts like hell, but I'm getting a lot of this crap out of my lungs!  I might be able to get back to work tomorrow...

While I've been sick, I have been catching up on my webcomics.   I feel the need to share the awesomeness with you.
[links after the jump]

Today, (in fact, just 4 hours ago) I discovered JEFBOT (that's a link).   I have to say, it's hilarious.  I read it in its entirety.  
My all-time favorites are Least I Could Do and Looking For Group .  I love Lar and Sohmer's work. (LICD is not a pg-13 comic)  Their artwork is AMAZING.  Just saying.  Hilarious and amazing.
I discovered Girls With Slingshots a few months ago and fell in love.  Danielle is hilarious.  Her comic isn't exactly PG-13 either...
I'm Christian, but I loved Oh My Gods!  It's a "pagan" comic... and it's no longer running, sadly.  It was finished LONG before I discovered it.
Barely Listening is an awesome weekly strip about a family raising a toddler and the hilariousness that comes with being a parent.  I've got a two year old myself.... 

And then my two guilty pleasures, No Dice and Dumbing of Age .  

I'll probably add these all to a widget on the side of the page eventually.  But until then, here's my shout out post! :D  Enjoy!

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