Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So, a friend of mine found this pattern on Lion Brand Yarn's Website .  If you're signed up, look for pattern L0562.  (Don't worry, it's a free pattern!)
Well, using Red Heart Super Saver (one of the orange yarns; look for the one that looks like it's safety vest orange), I made it for him!

He's such an awesome guy!

Well, before he came to get it, my daughter decided that SHE needed it.  So, I worked away on attempting to create a toddler version.... As soon as I get her to hold still long enough, I will post a picture of HER (and I'll snag the hat at some point to write down the pattern I used on hers....)

Enjoy your hat, J!

I said I'd post little one's hat, so, here it is!


  1. Great picture of the dude and his hat! Guys seem to like saftey orange (I had a boyfriend request arm warmers in that color). Perhaps it reminds them of danger. :)

  2. futuregirl, that is a great possibility.... My younger brothers love this color as well. :) I'll have to ask one the next time I have the chance. I've got to add (if I didn't in the post) that he ASKED for "safety orange".


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